Still waiting

I apologise for sounding like a moaning pregnant lady in this blog post, but if i don’t write it down i’ll never remember the feeling of being 39+ weeks pregnant. I’m also aware that if I don’t post this soon, it will be eclipsed by the blog post of the birth!

It’s been another good pregnancy but I think that he’ll be a bigger baby. 

He is ‘sitting’ particularly low so is causing quite confused messages between my bladder and brain. Even though gravity is working on the position of the baby, the rest of my innards continue to feel squashed resulting in heartburn and breathlessness. It is still wonderful to feel his rolling around in my tummy but the jabbing of an elbow or foot can stop me mid-sentence. My feet really ache this time, i think that its the extra weight (predictably, jason says its a lack of circulation and that I should go for a walk). Walking in an afternoon can be an issue as the muscles that have been holding it all together gradually show signs of fatigue.

The above issues are pretty manageable, however the biggy, the one that leaves the other symptoms not even mentionable is the immense tiredness. Laying awake for hours identifying different parts of my body that ache; my back, hip, ankles, ribs… There are only really two positions to sleep – right side or left side, after a while my arm goes numb and i get to try the other side. The pillow that i position between my knees, needs extracting and repositioning each time… and then when I finally drop off, I’m almost immediately awoken with the desire to pee. 

 Rosie is very aware of the near arrival of the baby. She enjoys talking about the boy-baby in mummy’s tummy and counters this with her own discussion about the girl-baby that she is growing in her own tummy. Thankfully she isn’t yet interested with how the baby is going to be extracted. I think that she’s quite unsure about how the new baby will change her life and asks for more cuddles and attention. Rosie is still not a great sleeper and can need resettling 3 or 4 times a night,  I’m unsure as to how we will do this with the new baby needing night feeds. However one night at a time, we will manage. 

For the time being I’ll keep waiting, enjoying time with my girl and trying to get some rest. Its not been all bad as last week I managed to get to the theatre, cinema and pedicure. I’m hoping to get to my hair appointment this Wednesday before we start having some more serious discussions with the obstetrician. 



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