Older, wiser, happier

This week I had a birthday. Thank you to all of those who wished that it was a happy one… It was; we went down to Rosebud, ate pancakes for breakfast, I had a facial and then relaxed with the family. What doesn’t feel so nice is the age that I turned, instead of rounding down, there is no doubt that this number falls on the wrong side of 35! Which is probably what sparked this year’s gift of a cross trainer, ensuring that I can continue trying to exercise this year. Jason also got a gift for my birthday (don’t quite understand how, since I didn’t receive a gift for his birthday in September) he bought himself a stand up paddle board (SUP), ideal for the calm waters of the bay. Here he is Supping! 


Rosie has again spent most of the holidays on antibiotics, she seems to make a habit of falling sick as soon as we pack the car to go on holiday (last year we ended up in Emergency). Anyway, I think that we’re getting better at this parenting thing and we didn’t let it dampen the holiday. Here she is entertaining us at home and all dressed up as an angel for her mainly music christmas performance. 













Boris Wallis, our affectionally named second child, is growing bigger and we’re starting to get excited about his arrival in May. It has been lovely to have 5 weeks off work in the middle of this pregnancy, although I don’t know how we’ll ever return to the regimental tight ship of last year’s household (I would have lunches and breakfasts ready the night before). I return back to my three days a week of work, and hope to continue until Easter/Anzac Day. Speaking of work, this month Jason has cut back some hours at Eastern Health and picked up two days a week at Cabrini Private Hospital. 

 Here is Rosie exploring my growing tummy.