We have been more than happy with the creation that was Rosie; the design works well and her aesthetics are pretty cute (sometimes she doesn’t quite do as we wish!). So for quite some time now, jason and I have been working on creating Wallis bub #2. We had the twelve week scan the other week and are very happy to announce that we did it! We look forward to introducing Morris/Dorris Wallis in May! 


Here’s Rosie turning two, last month. 

I prepared a little speech to break the news to Rosie about her becoming a big sister. At the end of my talk she just said ‘OK’, as if i’d asked her to go and get her shoes. She came with us to the scan and exclaimed that the little being on the screen was a baby turtle.  I think that she will love having a new little turtle to boss around. 


The pregnancy has been going well. I am showing much earlier than last time so I’m expecting to be able to post a picture of me with a Christmas bump (not just over eating!) Whilst I don’t tend to suffer from morning sickness like so many of my friends, I’m struggling to shake a common cold and gain usual levels of energy, but couldn’t be happier to be expecting again.



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