The arrival of spring

Apparently today was the first day over 20 degrees in 116 days. There are promising little buds on the trees, the twittering of excited birds and the start of that niggling thought of end-of-year reports, which must mean that Spring has arrived. Here are a couple of Australian King Parrots who were hanging around our garden last Saturday morning.



The arrival of Spring also brought about the arrival of my parents back to the antipodes. They are currently living between our house in Mitcham and down at the beach in Rosebud (just under an hour away). This has brought us back into the living-nightmare which is the Australian visa application process (providing certified documentation, answering pages of questions, remembering details of when you travelled in 2008!) Anyway, Rosie loves having Granny and Papa around, lapping up the extra attention from these new play friends (who are easier targets from which to obtain a biscuit). I must also admit that its nice to have someone else who will do the ironing or peel the veggies after a day’s work. 

It is also the arrival of footy finals, of which Jason’s beloved bulldogs are competing in. He is looking forward to bringing along my Dad to the elimination final at the MCG tomorrow evening. 

We have also seen the arrival of ‘the toddler stage,’ where boundaries were made to be pushed and patience was meant to be tested. She will turn two in a couple of weeks and gives me the cutest of looks followed by the wickedest of foot stamps. It was the best day when I cuddled her after her bath and she wrapped her arms around me while declaring ‘I love you mummy!’ It was perhaps a little more embarrassing when I picked her up from child care and she told the other kids to back off as ‘it’s my mummy!’ She still sings songs all the time but won’t let me put her hair up in a pony tail. She still chooses to eat a tin of tuna (on its own) but wont touch fish fingers. She goes crazy over a picture of a dog but hates the real thing. Our au contraire and loveable Rosie! 


Dolly comes with us to most places, here we are playing on the deck and going out for brunch for Nanny Wallis’ birthday.