A winter warmer

My last blog was titled Easter, which means that I am way overdue an update. Returning to work and having reports to write has meant that any child-free time was swallowed up with school work or house work, leaving my blog to collect dust!

Anyway, lots of exciting things have happened. In fact as I write this I am awaiting news from my friend Natalie, who went into labour last night for their second child. Jason and I have finally started to go out again on date nights- here we are at Jason’s work ball. My parents have sold their house in the UK, and in August they will move over to join us in Australia. It will certainly be a change for us all, after 8 years of living in different countries. My sister Naomi, also had the wonderful news of having her second child, Reuben. A very healthy and content little boy who was born in a home water-birth, on May 4th. 




So during my winter holidays, I left both Jason and Rosie for four days to go and meet my newest nephew and spend some quality time with Naomi and her family. It was wonderful that I could get a morning flight to Auckland and by lunch time I was relaxing and drinking a Marlborough sauvignon blanc by the fire. It was a lovely couple of days eating, drinking, chatting, cuddling Reuben, watching movies and being entertained by my niece Pippa (who is nearly 3). We made a couple of trips onto the beach, but due to a cold front blowing in from the Antarctic, it was much too cold to be outside. So we retreated back to the warmth of Naomi and Jon’s house. We did brave a horse ride which thankfully took us up through the sand dunes and forest. 

Jason did a marvellous job of looking after Rosie back at home. They had a lot of fun together and I rather think that he might have a hidden talent for getting her to bed. She’s a happy kid who sings all the time. Her vocabulary is growing, although she usually tells us ‘Rosie do it’ and requests Peppa Pig on the TV. She enjoys playing outside, drawing and running races with Daddy. We’re finally able to give Rosie some dairy yoghurt and cheese but her favourite food remains to be tins of tuna, weetbix, porridge and fruit. Here she is with the meerkats at Melbourne Zoo. 


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