My blogging tool didn’t publish this post from about 4 weeks ago. It was supposed to be posted at the end of our Easter holidays. 

This week it saddens me to be sending my Summer duvet (doona) on it’s six-month vacation to the top of the closet. The footy season has begun, day light saving has ended and term two (the cold, report writing term) is looming. It was this time last year that we were beginning to pack for our European adventure. Whilst we haven’t got that to get excited about this year, there’s still a lot to look forward to, including a trip to see my new nephew in New Zealand, a family holiday to the Gold Coast and we hope that my mum and dad will be over by next Summer. Perhaps the Doggies may even make it to the finals!

We had a fabulous start to our Easter holidays with my Aunty Pam and Uncle Graham visiting, all the way from Cornwall. We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of tourist type things that we wouldn’t have usually done at the end of term; wine tasting, lunch in the Dandenongs and going into the city for evening drinks on the Yarra. Haven’t done this in such a long time.

After our visitors had left we started on Easter, which I think is much more fun to celebrate with children. It’s fair to say that Rosie missed the point of the Easter egg hunt; favouring a turn on the swing while the other children ran around the garden. However once an Easter egg was presented, instinct took over (see pic below)! On Easter morning we joined our friends at Waverley Temple Salvos in Jells Park for breakfast and Rosie coloured in an Easter bag, her hands, her face and most other people and objects within her arm’s reach.

For the rest of the holidays we’ve all relaxed and worked on getting back to good health. Rosie has been continuously plagued by child care infections and we have been in and out of the doctors surgery so many times that I feel like a cartoon character on a revolving door.

This month our gorgeous girl has been perfecting the art of selectively listening to instructions and is keen to impress upon us her dissatisfaction of being told ‘no’. Fun times ahead!


One response to “Easter

  1. Pam Cotgreave

    Happy days. Lovely memories. Xx

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