Back to the Work House

I was reading a friend’s blog from the UK last week, in which she was stating how they are starting to see the first hopeful signs of Spring. Well, we in the Southern hemisphere are cherishing the end of our Summer weather before the cool and shorter days of Autumn roll in. 

I haven’t blogged for a long time and I guess the reason is because I have returned to work. For those who don’t know, this year I am sharing a grade 5/6 class at Silverton Primary School. It feels good to be back and I enjoy the interaction with my colleagues and students. The humungous workload (that only a fellow teacher would appreciate) is tackled cheerfully with some fabulous friends and colleagues. Unfortunately I was ill for our school trip to Sovereign Hills, but it’s like I’ve never been away as I hosted parent/teacher meetings and have recommenced attending PDs. Jason and I are coping with the early starts, childcare drop offs and co-ordinating pick ups. Our only issues arise when sickness ascends, then it appears that we all fall into an exhausted heap of illness and have to ask our wonderful neighbour for some help: thanks Jenny! Since I have no picture of me returning to work, here’s a pic of Rosie posing with her rather unnecessary headband!! 

We have had a few great weekends down at Rosebud recently, made memorable by some free and fun peninsula festivals. We enjoyed a lovely evening sipping wine at the Rosebud Film Festival. Then on the long weekend we took Rosie to the kite festival and met some friends for a picnic at the local Balnarring Races. Rosie and Jason are spending more time together allowing me time to meet up with friends and I managed to see the wedding of Lauren and Sean. 

Rosie has really enjoyed learning new action songs this month; her favourites are the scarecrow song and rock-a-bye the bear. She tells us new words everyday, with a rather cute ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ which we are obviously encouraging!  A couple of weeks ago I took her to see a specialist about her dairy allergy, we are hopeful that we can start reintroducing some dairy into her diet and she should grow out of the allergy by the age of three. 


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