Start of Summer

Summer has arrived so we decided to take a weekend out of christmas preparations and headed down to Rosebud. The weather was gorgeous and there weren’t many people around so we had a great time playing on the beach. Rosie rather surprised us with her eagerness to get into the sea; as soon as we were on the beach she ran down to the water and launched herself into it, fully clothed and squeeling with delight. The only thing we could do was strip her down and keep her safe as she waded about in the little waves. We’re really looking forward to spending more time at the beach this summer. 

Recently Rosie made her stage debut, dressed up as a christmas tree and singing with her mainly music group at Box Hill Salvation Army. Being the youngest standing tree, she did well to stay within the vicinity of the stage area for the duration of the singing, although she did turn around to conduct the other children with her bells (I think that she’s born to be a teacher!) 


Jason’s PhD is going well. He was recently awarded a substantial research grant to conduct his 5th and final study of his PhD which is due to commence in 2015. For those that are interested, he will be assessing the impact of a walking program for patients with severe ‘bone on bone’ knee osteoarthritis. 

Here Jason is pictured having dinner on the deck with Rosie, some family members may recognise granny’s wine decanter (which arrived this month with our boxes from the UK). I wish I’d taken the picture with the garden in the background and not the shed and driveway!

We have had lots of wonderful news this month. I became an aunty again, this time to baby Jennifer (Pictured below, looking perfect) who is Daren and Jiang’s second child. My good friend Lisa also gave birth (a little earlier than expected) to gorgeous tiny baby Macy. Family Wallis also attended a rather sophisticated garden party, where we celebrated the engagement of our friends Kirby and Alex. Congratulations to all!

This year we will be celebrating Christmas here in Melbourne, Uncle Dick will come to stay and I will be serving afternoon tea for Jason’s family. This is my last post for 2014, it’s been a wonderful year full of great adventures, seeing people that we love and a steep learning curve of parenting. We look forward to everything that 2015 has to offer and hope to share parts of it with you on the blog. For now I’ll finish by wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and every blessing for the coming year.