feeling poorly

I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because we’ve all been sick- not altogether in one convenient week of germs, but spread out over the past month. We’re all well now but I’ll try to keep this blog post short as I realise that it won’t make the most interesting of reads! 

It started with Rosie getting a post birthday fever. We tried to go down to the beach for the weekend, as the British have this thing about sea-air being good for you. Alas this was not to be, as by 10pm we were sick of trying to resettle a grumpy and sick child, we packed up and drove back home. So Sunday morning I took Rosie to a walk-in clinic and waited for nearly two hours, just to be told that there wasn’t much wrong with her and we just had a case of ‘over-anxious parents syndrome’. I knew that this was not the case as that afternoon Rosie broke out in hives. We dosed up with panadol, cuddled and watched cartoons until she returned to normal. However, normal didn’t come for another two weeks as her first two molars started cutting through, turning rosie into a clingy and whiny, insomniac gremlin child. We had started to forget that we once had a funny and sociable little girl. 

It was then Jason’s turn to get sick with a particularly nasty man virus; a kind of pharyngitis which rendered him unable to eat (actually he was quite incapable of doing anything much). After a couple of trips to the doctors, he was signed off for the full week. I also got some of the virus, unfortunately nobody signs you off from work as a mum. So we spent our long weekend drinking soup and feeling quite sorry for ourselves. Here’s Rosie amusing herself by feeding her toys. 

5 weeks ago I thought I’d broken my big toe when Rosie dropped a shampoo bottle on it. Jason decided it wasn’t actually broken but was a little concerned as I wasn’t able to extend my toe. I continued nagging him as the pain did not subside and I’m still unable to raise it. An x-ray this week showed no break although we’re now weighing up if it’s worth paying a few hundred dollars for an MRI scan to further investigate tendon damage.

We’ve also been advised by the doctor to start trying Rosie on some dairy foods. This has increased night time waking with some rather colourful and explosive nappies (sorry for sharing). I’m taking rosie to see a dietitian to see if we can get a better plan of what to do. 

I’ll finish with some better news as this month also saw the arrival of my friend (and bridesmaid) Helen’s baby boy. Welcome to the world Aidan Berger on October 19th (6lb 7oz). I wish i’d taken a photo when we went to visit as he is very cute. 


One response to “feeling poorly

  1. Mum

    Another lovely post. Glad to hear that you’re all feeling better now.

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