a whole year! already?!

Last week I graduated from the first year of motherhood, I’ve heard that in some cultures the fact that you have managed to keep the baby alive through this year is cause for major celebrations – I quite agree! After an intensely painful start to life with Rosie, followed by 11 weeks of our newborn screaming, a year of night wakings and nearly a year without dairy, we couldn’t be happier! 

The celebrations went on all weekend and we are hugely thankful for all who came or sent well wishes. We started with a trip to the children’s farm. This was a great morning out with lots of animals to see. Having spent so much time in rural Yorkshire I was quite surprised that Rosie demonstrated quite a high level of fear for ponies and sheep – I wouldn’t have thought this of such an out-going child! She maintained this phobia the next day when one of our friends bought Rosie a beautiful hobby horse, of which she remains deeply skeptical!Birthday.JPG

We then had a couple of parties at home to celebrate the year gone by, all went well with the obligatory balloons, cake, fairy bread and happy, tired children. The weather was gorgeous so we were able to spill out into the garden, where some of the fathers busied themselves, climbing our trees and creating a rope swing for the children. 

The other Friday, the Wallis family attended the wedding of Anthony and Robyn. It was in the beautiful grounds of a winery and we were lucky to be able to take Rosie and spend the evening with lots of good friends. The bride looked gorgeous and the weather held good through the garden ceremony. It so happened that this was the first evening-date that I really felt the demands of juggling my roles as mum (provider and protector to Rosie) and Esther (lover of sitting with a glass of wine, chatting with friends). Rosie is now a demanding toddler; despite my efforts to put her down for a sleep, she was determined to party and flirt with the DJ.


I have just realised that Jason has not had a mention in this blog; it has also been his 36th birthday for which I made him a footy inspired cake. That is about all I can write about his birthday as he worked all day.

We’re now entering Term Four, which heralds the return of baby swim, play group and now  ‘mainly music ‘ too. I am trying to do lots of fun things with Rosie before I go back to work in January. I am also going to try to get a head start on Christmas as shopping with a one year old is not so much fun!