in a town in yorkshire

We’ve been staying in Market Weighton for a little over a week now. I was born and grew up here and so when I come home I have always felt like a hobbit returning to the ‘Shire’ (or a womble returning to Wimbledon!) but as time passes, I find myself being regarded as the foreigner in the pub and Yorkshire life seems more bizarre to me; I had a chuckle at this when I asked my mum why the fire-truck was parked in a residential front yard. She simply replied, well that’s where the fireman lives (apparently fire trucks can be used as commuter vehicles here).  

I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t make some comment on the weather, which has been really cold. Even though it’s summer next week, we’ve raided mum and dad’s wardrobe for jumpers and jackets. I could have quite honestly worn a hat, scarf and gloves as well, if it hadn’t looked so stupid! 

So, what have we been doing? We have taken day trips to York, Hull, Beverley and Bridlington for a potter around the shops. On such jaunts it is obligatory to visit a tea room or coffee shop. You are also obliged to order a bun or a scone that is fresh out of the oven. I’m trying to increase my running to account for these extra calories.

Jason and Dad were invited to join a friend to a cricket match between Yorkshire and Lancashire. This is an old rivalry called the war of the roses (Yorkshire being represented by the white rose and Lancashire a red rose). Dad introduced Jason to a cricket legend, Dickie Bird who is well known for his time playing for the Yorkshire Cricket Club but better known for his umpiring.

It is school holidays here this week and it appears that we joined the children of York on a trip to the National Railway Museum. Here we are standing in front of the Mallard, which is the worlds fastest steam locomotive. The museum was really busy and so after taking in the main attractions, we soon found ourselves making our way to the nearest pub for a pint (this made me feel less like a teacher on a school trip!)

We also had a family trip out to Whitby, which is where Captain Cook started his apprenticeship as a sailor before setting sail to chart the waters of New Zealand and Australia. Whitby Abbey (at the top of the hill) is also the setting that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula! 

This was a lovely day trip. We enjoyed ambling around the streets and climbing up to the abbey, before nourishing ourselves on some scampi and chips and visiting the Captain Cook Museum for a bit of education. As always we stopped for tea and cake on the way home.

Whitby_street.JPG Whitby.JPG

We have another week in yorkshire next week before flying to Prague.




from Mitcham to Market Weighton

We made it! 

Our journey to the other side of the world had a rocky start; 10 minutes into the drive to the airport and I realised that I’d forgotten my cash card for withdrawing money abroad, so we did a u-turn and headed back home. Luckily the rest of the trip did not continue in this manor and we still got to the airport in time to check in.  

Our first flight (of three) was excellent; the plane was not full, we had 6 seats to stretch out on and travelling with an infant meant we got priority boarding. Rosie loved the whole adventure and flashed a winning smile to the cabin staff, who took her up to meet everyone in business class. (Here she is on the plane in her bassinet) We arrived in Brunei feeling good and ready for our transfer on to Dubai. 

Unfortunately Brunei airport is under construction so it is dirty and has very few amenities. So having not been able to relax and refuel ourselves, we started our night-flight to Dubai with a headache. This was a full flight and the longest part of our journey. Our seats were in the middle and next to the toilets which meant that we were interrupted quite often. I’m not good with aeroplane food and so before the flight was over, I’d been sick and I’d spent the whole night feeding Rosie so that she stayed sleepy and didn’t wake everyone around us. So you can imagine our delight when at 1am Darren (Jason’s brother who lives in Dubai) was at the airport waiting to meet us and take us to our hotel.

I would have been very grateful for just a large comfortable, clean bed, but the hotel offered much more with friendly staff, fantastic breakfast, gym and pool facilities, a british style pub and an amazing terrace bar. Here we all caught up on some sleep and enjoyed some luxury. I was amazed by how Rosie adjusted to Dubai time and kept into a routine which allowed us to see some sights through the day and sleep at night (waking once for a quick feed). We were even able to enjoy cocktails whilst reading our books, during one of her nap times; it felt like a real holiday! Rosie became a minor celebrity and by the time we left the hotel many of the staff were cuddling her, taking photos with her and asking after Miss Rosie.

Darren, who was celebrating a significant birthday, had taken time off work. Along with his wife, Jiang and baby Tim, they kindly showed us around Dubai. Besides the 40 degree heat, I was pleasantly surprised by Dubai where they build to impress! In their main shopping mall they have a full aquarium and ice skating rink, with a lolly shop that has a wall of jelly beans. We drove around and saw some amazing architecture and went a little way into the desert to see some camels. Their roads are pretty crazy with speed humps on a 120km/h road and we witnessed a police car taking out someone’s wing mirror as they failed to move out of its way! 


After two nights, and a small round of golf under lights for Jason, we were back in the airport for a 2am flight from Dubai to London. We had better seats on this flight and got a few hours sleep. We landed early at Heathrow airport and made it through customs before 6.45am and so were in arrivals when Mum and Dad arrived to greet us. We have been in Market Weighton for 24hours now and whilst Jason has got a cold, we’re recovering well from a little jet lag. 

My first Mother’s Day

I haven’t blogged in a little while, mainly because getting ready to go overseas is not as interesting as actually going overseas. 

Rosie is now in quarantine as we’ve heard horror stories of babies getting sick on the morning of the flight, leading to cancellations or outbreaks of illnesses throughout the entire plane. So while getting a little cabin fever with my overactive, crawling and teething 7 month old, I’ve been washing, ironing, cleaning, packing, organising etc. I feel that i have developed a close and personal relationship with both Dr Phil and Ellen, with whom I regularly share my lunchtime!

Before quarantine commenced, we enjoyed several playdates with lots of our lovely baby friends. Ill miss these little guys over the next couple of months and am looking forward to seeing how they’ve all grown and developed when we return in 3 months time.


On Saturday evening, I felt privileged to have joined with my good friends and 1500 others to support the Australian Breast Cancer Network in their field of women. Robed in our beautiful pink ponchos and armed with our pink torches, we helped to create the giant image of a woman on the MCG, to raise awareness and donate to this cause. Here I am with my friends; Gloria, Suzie, Jean and Natalie. 


 As Jason had failed to remember Easter this year, I’d made some big hints that Mother’s Day did need to be remembered and my efforts as a mother needed to be celebrated with at least a card. After such a big night out at the MCG on Saturday, Rosie gave us a Sunday lie-in, Jason delivered on his promise of a card. For a present I got a dust-buster, which I’m surprisingly pleased about! It was a beautiful, sunny day so after church, we walked up to a local cafe for lunch, had a lazy afternoon followed by an evening with a curry and a bottle of wine. Looking forward to next year’s Mother’s Day already!

So the next time I blog we should have travelled through Brunei and stopped off in Dubai for a couple of days with Darren, Jian and Tim. Three flights, two nights in a hotel, one ecstatic grandma and no lost luggage!